Karla Williams

Let’s Get To Work!

What to do now to win in FY21 Make a List and a Call Plan Who and what goes on that list? The names of people you met that you need to stay in contact with. This includes government personnel like contracting professionals, small business professionals, and individuals that work in the agencies you want… Read More »Let’s Get To Work!


CMMC certification guarantees? Be mindful. Ads that say words to the effect of “work with me and CMMC is guaranteed” have largely disappeared. That’s a good thing. Especially since contractor’s only have control over the first of the following three phases. Contractor’s prepare their systems for examination by the C3PAO C3PAO vendor examines contractor’s systems… Read More »CMMC

Category Management

Section 833 of proposed FY 2021 National Defense Authorization Act includes language that aims to protect small businesses from adverse impacts tied to the implementation of Category Management. If you are a small business and have not already felt the impact of Category Management on your business, it is likely you will eventually be negatively… Read More »Category Management