The Magic Six

Prospects in the government that could give you government contracts all want to know six things about you before they are ready to even consider awarding you a contract.  If you can answer these questions, your chances of getting their attention before a proposal is issued and of being known and trusted once proposals are received improves greatly. In the next several weeks, I’ll reveal to you what they six things are.

The first thing:

They don’t really listen to details about who you are and why you are so great until they believe that your professed greatness provides them with something that they need.

Once you get the introductions out of the way, quickly move on to telling them how you help organizations like them.

Most of us are conditioned to feel that we immediately need to launch in to our pedigree when we meet a new prospect.  Never forget – They don’t really listen to the details about who you are and why you are so great, until they believe that you can help them.

Convince them of your value first.  Use examples and stories. There will be plenty of time for tooting your own horn by listing your background, certifications and accomplishments, once you give them a reason to care.

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