What Autumn and GovCon have in common

Farmers use Autumn to plant crops that will be ready in the Spring. And in GovCon, companies also begin laying the groundwork for opportunities that open up in the Spring.

Typically, Q1 of the new GovCon fiscal year, which starts in October, is when people begin the work of selecting their target agencies and opportunities that they will pursue in the next calendar year.

And of course, once October comes, the holidays are just around the corner. Not many awards are made during the holiday season. And government prospects are harder than ever to connect with because they must to take their excess leave by December 31 or lose it forever.

So, there are few events to attend, and fewer solicitations to respond to. To the novice GovCon player this may seem to be a time to take off to rest and regenerate. And that is true.

This is also the best time to reposition your company’s approach to winning government contracts from reacting to a more proactive approach.

A proactive approach is based on data, analysis, and planning. Proactive approaches rely less on waiting for opportunities to appear on beta.sam.gov. These approaches know what their target agencies need. And they know when to expect new RFPs and RFQs.

This is the time that smart players use to solidify their contract pipeline.

It is time to analyze agency spending data and procurement forecasts so the best targets are chosen. Then it’s time to prepare profiles of target agencies, and potential teaming partners.  Call lists and schedules for these targets along with strategic call, email and LinkedIn contact plans must be developed. Win themes and outreach messaging that convey value need to be created and finalized to use when making contact with target agencies and partners.

This is a great time to prepare the team to analyze the draft RFPs that are sure to come out right after the holidays so that capture plans can be improved.

Lastly, it’s an ideal time to gather the team for a proposal preparation class.

Imagine if you do all this how different your life could be in just one year.

When the activity heats up – and it will – you will be ready.

Ready to compete and to win!

FY 21 Challenge: Get Ready to Compete and Win!

This year I’m challenging you to NOT allow the holiday season to take your focus away from your goals. 

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