What’s ahead for GovCon?

2020 has been a wild ride.
2021 in GovCon will be a little calmer but not much!

There was a good article by Wiley in JD Supra this morning. Since it’s the beginning of the holiday season and we have turkeys to cook and pies to bake, I took the liberty of summarizing what the new administration will likely mean for GovCon.

Defense Spending. As reported by Washington Technology, a PSC survey predicts that DOD budgets will be most stable with a slight increase in funding in IT, AI and machine learning. The emphasis of securing the supply chain and strengthening our defense against cyber-attacks is also likely to remain in place.

Expansion of socioeconomic buys. The Federal Property and Administrative Services Act allows the President wide authority to issue Executive Orders to advance economic interests and to make the system more efficient are allowed. So expect to see increase spending goals for businesses owned by racial and ethnic minorities and women. Also expect to see an increase in clean-energy focused procurement efforts. Here’s more reporting on this from Federal News Network.

Buy American Expansion to continue. The new administration’s policy places an emphasis on purchasing from American suppliers of clean energy, medical supplies and advanced technologies.

Remember, finding opportunities in GovCon is not a linear process. You’ve got to learn to read the tea leaves a bit by scanning the landscape for legislative and political priorities. Combine these insights with hard data about past spending, agency strategic plans, and budget priorities. This will give you the clearest picture on how to position your business with agency prospects and potential teaming partners.  

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