Would you award a $1M contract to someone you read about in a proposal?

When companies call me to find out if I can help them win government contracts, I have a standard set of questions that I ask. Each question is designed to tell me where they are in the development process most government contractors go through. Too many companies get stuck at the starting line because they base their strategy on REACTING. Reacting to RFPs on BETA. SAM.GOV or RFQs through GSA eBuy, if they have a schedule.

Lately, I’ve taken to asking them some new questions.

If you were making a million dollar purchase with your own money which company would your choose? The one you were familiar with who had spent time learning about what you need and then customizing a solution?

Or would you choose the company that heard you had some money to spend so they sent you a proposal?

Would you change your answer if you were spending a mere $25,000?

The answer to all of these questions is obvious.

Yet. Somehow people believe that winning government contracts relies on submitting proposals and quotes.

And I get this.

Typically winning only comes after submitting some sort of proposal or quote. But that’s the end of the process. Where were you at the beginning?

But – it is the rare company that wins what I all a cold bid.

And if you don’t believe me, I challenge you to look at any RFP/RFQ that was issued on either BETA. SAM.GOV or GSA eBuy. The majority contain specific past performance requirements. These requirements are not pulled out of thin air. They come from information that your competitors provided to your prospect at the beginning of the process.  When the prospect was  doing market research. And meeting the other players – both in person and in writing.

And at the end of my questions, they all ask me the same question.

How do I become one of the GovCon companies that they think of the next time they need my product or service?

And that’s what we talk about in GovCon Academy Business School’s Ready, Compete and Win program where we teach you what you need to do, and how to do it so that you are ready to compete EFFECTIVELY and win.

Read the free ebook and sign up to receive an invitation to the inaugural showcase for GovCon Academy Business School in October. 

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